SEO Management 

No one is shocked by the information that the Internet is enormous. While it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly how many websites are out there, one 2012 survey from Netcraft estimated that 140,000 websites are created every single day. So, how does your business stand out in this overwhelming vastness? The obvious answer is website ranking on Google. The not-so-obvious question is, how do you show up on the top of Google? This search engine has been in constant development since 1998, using an algorithm to crawl websites and bring users the most relevant results for their questions. As an SEO company in Layton, TMD Management can navigate the complexities of preparing a business website for search engines and report on monthly keyword progress.

Hundreds of SEO companies sell the wonders of digital marketing and the magical ways they can grow a business. At TMD Management, we care less about selling SEO and more about bringing business to our customers. We lead the industry with a comprehensive reporting process that tracks keywords on the first two pages of search engines (other companies give you a keyword that’s on page 6, who cares?). When traffic is down, we take action, evaluating a website and working with the business owner to develop a growth strategy. Every website is an opportunity for increasing sales, and it’s our job to make sure people can find it.

If you feel like it’s time for your website to get started on its epic journey to the top of search engines, reach out to TMD Management, a Layton SEO company serving Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.